17th January 2016: 17/365 In a Crisis

Honestly evaluate the way you respond to crisis situations. Are you happy with the way you react?

Crisis? Me? Wow I cannot seem to remember my crisis situation because usually I always take crisis into a learning process to learn and apply what you can do. It is like when life just threw a life lesson or scenario-based you have to face through.

 Usually when I am dealing with people on a crisis situation, I have different reactions and my expression shown could be deceiving, as I tend to look like I am being stressed out. Firstly, I am not stress out but I am actually thinking what I should do next. Yes sometimes I can be calm as possible especially if the situation involving people I know with. I do panic a bit if I am actually working in a crisis situation and I start to rush all over and another after another; things start to stumble and fall. Afterwards, I stopped what I am doing and calm myself down.

 So whenever there is a crisis situation; depending on what kind, do not be surprised on how my reaction is because just like yesterday’s post; I am unpredictable.

 17th January 2016 (Sunday), 2353hrs


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