15th January 2016: 15/365 Polite Company

“It’s never a good idea to discuss religion or politics with people you don’t really know.” Agree or disagree?

Depending actually here’s why:

 Yes because you get to learn about other people’s views on religion and politics in a process of discussion. It brings you to know a whole other level on what the other person actually thinks and their stand of beliefs.

 No because it will cause tension between two different people who doesn’t know one another at all because topics of religion or politics are very sensitive and sometimes what we say might be offensive if we are not cautious and furthermore we do not know one another well.

 For me:

I rarely open up a conversation about religion or politics if I don’t know really know the person because I myself am pretty boring leading the conversations I had further. I had conversations about religion before with people and it really makes me learn their views of religion. Don’t start on politics because my politics are really bad. But of course if anybody were to open a religion/political topic with me I am pretty much an open book to share and learn accordingly.

 15th January 2016 (Friday), 2310hrs


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