14th January 2016: 14/365 Ripped from the Headlines
Head to your favourite online news source. Pick a headline that grabs you. Now write a story based on the article.

Okay a quick one; 10 minutes left: What a prompt for today, I am definitely not a reader that’s first but usually I do read what that really grabs my attention. And I heard another attack today: Jakarta Blast.

And no I am not going to write a story based on the article because I have nothing to write about. But I am pretty saddened by what happened and my condolences to those who died in the blast.

To know that the same kind of scenario happened in Paris and is now happening in our neighbouring country, Indonesia. It’s time for us to keep an alert for anything suspicious and definitely a high up security in checkpoints and airports.

My prayers for peace and let’s together stop the spread of terrorism.

14th January 2016 (Thursday) 2359hrs


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