10th January 2016: 10/365 32 Flavours

Vanilla, chocolate, or something else entirely?

Fun Facts: 32 Flavours is actually a song wriiten and performed by Ani Difranco. Well I don’t really know it either till I googled the tittle of the post. 

Okay what a question; innocent as I am and I want to stick that way. I am not going to the sexual topic if it is anything to do with that because I probably ask more questions than answering the daily prompt of the day.

 When the topic comes to flavours, it is all about ICE CREAM! Yes my favourite dessert all time, nothing can go wrong with ice cream. I will go all kinds of flavours, which I am permitted to because I can’t take in the alcoholic ones.

 Variety is options you can choose from and different flavours have different taste. The same applies to people you interact in life, everybody is different in their own ways and that’s what makes the ice cream shop called Earth a blessing to be able to experience and learn with different places, situations, people and your own skills and abilities.

 10th January 2016 (Sunday), 2320hrs


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