9th January 2016: 9/365 1984
You’re locked in a room with your greatest fear. Describe what’s your greatest fear.

Before I start, I wonder why the title for the prompt was called “1984”  had anything got to do with being locked in a room with your greatest fear? I Googled it but no answer, oh wells let’s answer today’s prompt then.

My biggest fear if I were to be locked in a room will not be not being able to get out because somehow I will do whatever I can to get myself out of  the room to survive.

My biggest fear will be locked in a wide space with no sign of a way out; not even a door or some escape with a screening of the traumatising bad  past I have gone through and the mistakes I have done in the background.

This will show me the weight of the negative points of my chapters that still haunts me and the mistakes that wasn’t able to forgive and let go.

Yes that will be my greatest fear; the unresolved issues and unforgiven mistakes. If all that wasn’t present in the room, I can take the loneliness in the locked room because I know I can survive knowing I am never alone despite not having anybody physically in the room.

9th January 2016 (Saturday), 2348hrs


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