8th January 2016:8/365 Teacher’s Pet

Tell us about a teacher who had a real impact on your life, either for the better or the worse. How is your life different today because of him or her?

Looking back on my schooling days, I kind of miss school. My nursery and kindergarten pre-school days is when we were thought how to socialize with others so kudos to pre-school teachers which help in getting our stepping stone education intact. I wonder if any of my own pre-school teachers remembered me because I cannot recall them either; I was too young to remember.

 I cannot say I really enjoy my primary school years because it was a tough, troubled, disappointing and traumatizing process for me knowing of some events I gone through but definitely thank those teachers I have that express their concerns with their patience for trying to put me back on track. Definitely still remember them and so do they.

 Secondary school was my best learning curve of my life, I remember the teachers who taught me clearly and how they have impact me accordingly with all of them making sure we do well for our education scores. So thank you my secondary school teachers for the most impactful set of teachers I had in my life.

 Polytechnic Education was my surprisingly reserved opposite character I had in secondary school because again of some events and well I grown mature. We don’t call our learning educators teachers but facilitators. This is where these set of facilitators share their experiences in their real working life and we get to learn them and apply accordingly with our presentations every single problem based lesson. I want to Thank these set of facilitators for preparing me for the real world and pumping my confidence level in presenting myself well.

 And then we have our working life mentors from my internship, part time job, national service and now full time job. These mentors that comes from the bosses, supervisors and colleagues shared me the experience on life lessons and on the job skill to improve my resume. Thank you for your continuous advices and teachings.

 Last but not least my loved ones, close friends and people I encountered with throughout my life. You guys made my 23 chapters a learning journey not just learning how life works but the experiences these people have and the impact and learning growth these people brought to me till how I am today. Thank you.

 Thank you to all these teachers and if I can mention only one teacher which impact me the most. Lets make it two teachers; Mdm Rugayah (Grandmother) and Mdm Rahayu (Mother).

 8th January 2016 (Friday), 2359hrs


Oh well I uploaded too slow, uploaded 0006hrs, 9th January 2016 (Saturday)

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