3rd January 2016:3/365 Kick It

What’s the 11th item on your bucket list?

 Fun Facts: Bucket lists for your info actually comes from a movie “The Bucket List”. It is a movie about 2 cancer patients making a list of the things they wanted to accomplish before “kicking the bucket”; their deathbed.

 I do not really have a bucket list. I just live my life to the fullest each single day with a check of completing my compulsory 5 because honestly we never know if we even wake up the next day.

 So back to the question of what’s my 11th item of my bucket list? Since I don’t have one, how about coming up with one right now in no particular order:

 Nizam’s Bucket List:

  1. Travel to every country/city around the world
  2. Perform Haj/Visit Mecca
  3. Meet the Potential Wife
  4. Get Married
  5. Have two kids
  6. Own a DSLR
  7. Open up a travelogue/foodie magazine
  8. Write books of random poetry volumes

Well looks like what I can think of now are 8 things in my bucket list.

 3rd January 2016 (Sunday), 2216hrs


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