2nd January 2016:2/365 Resolved

Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution that you kept?

Every New Year will definitely prompt you up to “What is your New Year’s Resolution?” It definitely sparks up a determination to write down the things you want to improve yourself this coming year after a reflection of a year you have been through.

Resolutions are usually life-changing decisions in terms of your bad habits and lifestyle which sounds easy to do but hard to maintain and change overnight. That is why to make a resolution; you have to break into short-long term goals that you can monitor or have no other choice and make it a default move like one of my kept resolution.

One of my new year’s resolutions I made was to save money since I realize that it was hard to save when you are already a young adult and owning your own POSB card. I then made a decision to open up a Savings Account and make a default automatically transfer of $50 dollars each month from my current account and with the account is only accessible to use through online banking and withdrawal from the bank; this give me a success rate to see the growth of my savings that I have not touched since I opened it up. And of course if I were to save up for something that I want to use the money for; I will do it by not saving it together with the savings account but save it in another “goal” that I have the purpose to use it for.

My advice/tips to see a successful resolution, which you can do, are:

√ to focus on one resolution at a time with realistic short-long term goals with smart specific moves and decisions with deadlines,

√ Tell somebody your resolution and get somebody to do it with you so that the people who knew your resolutions will not tempt you to the habits you want to change if they are your family/friends you trust and help you along the way to achieve that resolution.

√It is okay to make a resolution at any time of the year and not just the start of a New Year. Genuine thoughts of changing bad habits happen at any time and it may not come up on the 1St of January each year.

√ Lastly, give some time but not too much time and never give the resolution up. If you are on a diet lifestyle and suddenly you crave for a burger, it is okay to have it once in awhile. If you want to quit smoking, cut it down slowly because you can’t just quit overnight.

 Of course some of us simply do not make any resolutions at all and just go with the flow.

 2nd January 2015 (Saturday) , 1942hrs


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