4th to 10th December 2015: Family trip to Indonesia; SEMARANG DAY ONE, SEMARANG DAY 2, Day 3 SOLO, Day 4 Yogyakarta, Day 5 Dieng, Day 6 Jogja & Day 7 Kraton.

11th December to 18th December 2015: It has been back to work with receiving videos from my sister on my niece selfie and singing videos. My friend’s birthday Faith on the 13th and I met a friend of mine Faris to talk over Pizza in Ochard. I even got a haircut too. I also met a friend to get keys for a favour to feed his cats from 19th to 27th while he is away in Bangkok.

19th December 2015: Met up with my secondary school friends with our friend back from India during his study break. It’s been also so long all of us met but despite that long time, things never change and yes we always have the same problem on deciding places to go and eat. Oh yes one of my friend also already moved in to a new place near my own.

21st December 2015: Had a catch up with my kitty cat who is going to get engaged while catching up on our lives and exchanging our Indonesian experience and souvenirs over Bali and Thai Food. I am so excited for your upcoming engagement and pray the best for you both to a blessed marriage next year?

22nd to 31st December 2015: I bake some Cranberry Strawberry Naked Mini Muffins and met Shaheed to get his chicken rice before going for another few months left to finish his degree in India on the 22nd. Aisyah finally got engaged on the 24th. Other than that, my niece and family stay over during the weekend of 26th to 28th December and the rest is just Work goes as normal for me.

Overall 2015 have been filled with interesting chapters mainly closing my NS chapter with my division, the long wait and part time work at my previous part time job at the Gardens and an open new chapter of my first official full time job in a hotel line.

My travels for 2015 also includes my March holiday back to Bali with friends, My half solo trip to Bangkok and family trips to Krabi and a week covering cities in Indonesia.

2015 also an interesting year getting to reconnect with people and getting to know more people. With the bond of family and some friends that cannot be broken, 2015 is overall a good year nonetheless despite the challenges that were faced and the mistakes you won’t want to repeat.

Happy 2016 and may it build to be better than this year! 31st December 2015, 2316hrs




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