What a long journey ride up and down from day 5 Dieng and took the whole day for us on the 8th December 2015. On the 9th December 2015, it is just my mother and I out for cave tubing activity while the rest stayed at the dusun for massage and swimming pool.


We went for cave tubing at Goa Pindul. The Entrance fee is IDR10000 (SGD1). There are a lot of vendors who organize the cave tubing and water activities. I am guessing that the driver went to the member’s place for our cave tubing activity. Our cave tubing and river tubing activity cost each of us at IDR125000 per person about SGD 12.50. I didn’t get the name of the vendor we engaged though.


We were then attached to a guide and 2 other people who are Indonesians from Kalimantan and they look like a mother daughter pair but actually they both do not know one another despite them talking to each other like they are family. During the activity, we were advised not to bring any bags/items along so we stored in their lockers. We purchased clear waterproof pouches for our phones that were very useful during the activity to snap pictures.


First is Goa Pindul where we see how the caves are formed, the water should be clear but because this is a rainy season, the water was mixed up with mud. There are bats at the top of the caves and there are the stalic mights too. We just stay on the floating tubes and it took us through the 3 section of the caves.


After the Goa Pindul cave tubing, we went on a bumpy ride to start our river tubing. We of course hope for a smooth journey down the river as I wouldn’t want to fall off in the water despite having life jackets. The experience was fun and interesting to see. I don’t mind doing a more aggressing one next time around.


After our activity, we head back and get some of our people back in the dusun to go for shopping at Pasar Beringharjo. Here you will expect fabric batik shops mostly clothing. We got some chips though.


After which we walked to Malioboro Street once again but this time we start at the other end of the street. There we found a so-called department souveniur store called Hamzah Batik. This the best place to get batik clothing/scarf nd jogja souveniurs with assured quality and the fixed price that I think is worth getting from the whole street of Malioboro that sells the same things which we walked down to Malioboro Mall and get Bread Talk that we spent about IDR 125000 (SGD12.50) worth of bread, pastries and desserts.


We went back again to get the rest of the family for dinner. Our dinner is their Nasi Padang Shop called Duta Minang Family that costs 9 of us IDR 208500 (SGD 21). It is self-service pick your own dishes and they charge accordingly. The dishes are not bad like our own home Nasi Padang. Lastly not forgetting our last stop of the night to the Indo supermarket next to our hotel to get all the things we can buy back to Singapore like POP Mie, Indonesian brand noodles and I even got disposal shavers and face wash which cost 3 dollars only.

Our Day 7 next post will be on the Kraton we visit before heading back home together with a recap post.

29th December 2015, 1317hrs


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