Day 4 Yogyakarta didn’t go as planned; we try to make Day 5 a day looking forward to. We started our journey up to Dieng, which is a 4 hours drive long journey. It seems that whenever we go for a long journey to another city/place; whenever we reach the location, it rains. That’s what happened in Dieng once we reach, it rained heavily.


We started visiting the Arjuna Temple. The ticket entry for both the temple and the crater is IDR 25000 (SGD 2.50) per person. The ticket comes together so you get to visit both for the price of one.


Arjuna Temple is actually one of those old Hindu Temples in Dieng and to be located at a plateau surrounded by green hills and cool air. This is a good place to experience the art of nature and the relationship with the temple when it was operating in the past.


Next we went for lunch since it is raining very heavily, we ate at this small eating house that sells very limited choice at a very cheap price too and after which we got to know why it is that cheap because the fried rice/noodle really is just plain fried rice ad noodle. It is not that bad though anyway.


Sekidang Crater was included in our ticket so it was next up to visit; it was still raining though. We walked up slowly to the crater. The sight looks amazing, I am really awed with nature and I wished I could visit these natural wonders all the time. The rain stopped for a moment once we reach the top, perfect time for taking pictures. Oh yes the place smells like a rotten egg with all the sulfur and hydrogen combined.


Before heading back we made a pitstop to a park in Dieng, my mother was the only one who wants to explore in the rain, I have no choice but to follow her. Besides the ticket should be IDR100000 for one person for tourist (SGD 10) but we just paid for one ticket since the person let us in for one. Anyway we just see the blue lake, as the rest was hard to explore due to the rain.

That was all for today as we head back on our 4 hour journey back to the hotel for dinner. Our dusun village restaurant is not that bad of a menu and price wise is like our any other restaurants in Singapore.


Day 6 Yogyakarta is up next!

28th December 2015 1249hrs


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