Our day trip to SOLO and night Arrival at Yogyakarta on the 6th December 2015 ; 7th December 2015 is to settle some immigration matters for our helpers returning back to Singapore to work and after which the original plan was to go for Prabanam Temple, cave tubing followed by Sunset by Prang tritis Beach

However we spent half the day gone doing the immigration return papers. Do take note that to do this, it is not through immigration office but TKI branch, which handle these issues. This only applies to workers from Indonesia only visiting Indonesia and it cannot be done in Singapore as the branches are all in Indonesia. I read that this is to prevent illegal trafficking out of the country. One of the steps also they have to go through medical check so we actually visited a local clinic which is like our own private clinic. The whole process took away half our day gone but at least we clear that on our heads.


We head next to have our lunch and after which to Prabanam and Borobudur Temple however when we reach our lunch location, it was raining heavily and also we get to know the entry tickets for tourist into the temple is USD20 each person and temple. My family then decided we skip as it was still raining after we end our lunch and we do not want to pay the entrance fees which is expensive but caught in the rain. With the timing, we cannot go through with the cave tubing and Prang titis Beach. So we decided to go to Malioboro Street for shopping. Oh yes and the lunch was at Satria Restro and it was not that bad and we spend less than SGD 60 for 8 of us.


Our driver made a pitstop at Rumah Batik Tirto Noto which is like a factory outlet for all batik fabric, clothing and whatever that made up of batik even bags. I got some fabric and bags for family and friends back home. My family spent about IDR 1820000 (SGD 182) for 4 bags, 1 tablecloth, and 7 sets of fabric for 7 people to make an outfit of their own. So if you need to shop for batik fabric and all such, this factory Outlet located at Jl. Kadipaten Kidul No.65, Kraton is a good buy for quality and price.


As we arrived, it was raining heavily so we decided to go to the Malioboro Mall where we know we could stay dry. All of us did our share of shopping; I got a Ripcurl slipper and wallet that cost me total of about IDR 890000 (SGD 89). For the quality and I know it will last long, why not get it?


As Malioboro Mall is the center of Malioboro Street, we went opposite and choose a side down along that street and scout for the cheapest souvenirs we can get and I got some pens and key chains. My helper help us to bargain with their same common language, we spent about IDR 200000 (SGD 20) for 54 batik coin pouch keychain, 40 keychain and 50 pens with all Jogja named on it.


We then head to another high-end restaurant called Bale Raus at Kraton itself. I cannot remember how much we spent though but the menu dishes were themed of what the royal family eats. We spent less than SGD 100 for 8 of us.


Next post will be on 8th December 2015 Day 5 in Yogyakarta.


                    27th December 2015, 1334hrs


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