I have covered in day 1 and 2 on the main city of Semarang with side pit stops in Demak and Bandungan. On the third day (6th December 2015), the main thing is to have a day trip to SOLO before heading to Yogyakarta for the night and the rest of the days of our trip.


As I read online about Semarang having Sundays as a Car Free Day till 9AM. I decided to use the pool before having breakfast with family. We started our day at 0930hrs from our hotel. I got to say I am rating 14/15 for a short stay at Pandanaran Hotel. Oh yes I just realised when I was doing this post, they have upgraded their website. It is definitely a new look with easier interface for potential guests to use. And for my review for the hotel, you can view on Tripadvisor</aimage


Before heading off for a 2 to 3 hours drive to SOLO. We head to Lawang Sewu first. Each ticket per person for all locals and tourist is a standard rate of IDR10000 (SGD1plus). Lawang Sewu is a building architecture of the colonial past of a Railway Station. I think it is something like our closed Tanjong Pagar Railway Station. I wonder if they would open up a museum like Lawang Sewu. The building has so many doors and arcs, which is the reason why it is called the Building with a thousand doors. It features also the items/equipment used in the past with its history behind the building. It is also labeled as a haunted house though but oh well we definitely would not want to bump into image


And with Lawang Sewu, we were done with Semarang. I definitely would come back to our day two trip to Umbol Sidomukti for the high elements activities and the sunrise/sunset by the awe view in Bandungan. As for Semarang itself, there are few places we never get to go which is the town area, Semawis Weekend Food Market and the old colonial street with the Blenduk Church and the Jawa Tengah Great Mosque nearby. Semarang seems to be a place of religious heritage and foodie paradise I would say. And remember to try their Lumpia which is their Semarang delicacy which I definitely forget image

to try.

After a long almost 3 hours drive, we have reached SOLO and the first thing we thought of is LUNCH! We head straight to Bakso Kadipolo Solo located at Jl. Ronggowarsito No.163, Banjarsari. Their speciality of course would be their Bakso that cost about SGD 1.50 each but of course the portion might be small for some of you so you can get two bowls. They also have Javanese food Nasi Padang that you can self-service pick the dishes and pay athe counter afterwards.

We then head to the museum Batik Danar Hadi, we didn’t go for the museum but if you want to go; the ticket is at IDR 35000 ($4) per person. We just look at their products they sell and it range from clothing to cushion covers; table runners, key chains and even soft toys but it is definitely an expensive buy but of course with the brand Danar Hadi on it. In the end, my niece is the one who went to shop foimage

r keychain.

Next up we went to Kraton Solo. The main palace was already closed by the time we went but we end up going to the museum, which we learned about the life of the royal family of the past. It’s interesting that most of the items are all big in size which makes us question are the royal family in the past very tall people? Ticket price is at IDR 10000 ($1isimage

h) per person.

After that we went to Pasar Triwindu. It is actually a market that sells mainly recycled items and these items are all antiques that you cannot find anywhere else anymore. The market is a blast from the past so if you looking for old lamps, television or bicycle. This is a place to viimage

sit and get one.

As my family couldn’t find anything much at Pasar Triwindu, we decided to go back near Kraton Solo to Pasar Klewer. It is one cluster with different blocks and alleys of shops selling clothes, bags and shoes. Most of the shops were already closed by then though.


And with nothing else to do marks our end day trip of SOLO, it’s time to head to Yogyakarta, which took about 2 hour and a half drive. SOLO seems to be a city with not much things to do actually but oh well we cover what we want to see anyway.


Once we reach Yogyakarta, we informed our driver that we want to have dinner and he brought up to a restaurant that looks so high end fine dining and we thought we going to spend a lot but actually it costs like our own Singapore restaurant prices. The food tastes really strong, which my sister could not take it. I tried their beef stew and it was so strong that I myself couldn’t finish.


With that grand dinner place, we end our night at our stay at Dusun Village Jogja that is just directly next to Super Indo Supermarket which was convenient for us if we need anything but not 24 hours though. It closes at 2230.


Next post will be featuring Day 4 in Yogyakarta of 7th December 2015.

25th November 2015, 0007hrs


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