My every 5 post recap, this will be post recap from Post #36- 40; November 21st to December 5th.

21st November 2015: Post #36: Recap of posts from the remaining days of October 19th to 31st.

22nd November 2015: Post #37: Second Recap post from November 1st to 21st

23rd November 2015: Starting a new job is definitely one of the key peaks in 2015. I am starting as a Hotel Concierge. The first week is all about familiarizing with the relations to my job position. This is definitely a stepping stone job for me, as I love interacting with people. I will give myself a year for me to further myself even more on hospitality.

29th November 2015: The end of contract of my Gardens By The Bay Part time Job. I would love to extend however my new current job I just started is 6 days a week so that one day of rest is really precious to me. Nonetheless, I had fun coming back to work with my Garden Cruiser Team with new peeps I met throughout my 3 months contract. Thank you all and mostly to Abang Hanafiah for inviting me back to Garden Cruiser to work while waiting for a full time job. It’s been a great chapter back in Garden Cruiser with all the new upgrade changes after 2 years. I will see you all around and definitely visit you guys if I visit the Gardens!

As always when I leave a place, I don’t leave empty handed. I did an all spread cupcake. Nutella cupcake topped with Ovomoltine Spread and Oreo Cheese Balls. I didn’t even manage to have a piece because it’s all gone and given away. Great it was a success! I will make it again someday.

As I go back to the gardens to give the cupcakes, it was also my Family once a Sunday Outing and we experience Winter Wonderland. It is definitely a crowd pleaser with the lights and activities such as the Carnival theme shops, games and rides, photo booth, ice skating rink, trick eye exhibition and the artificial snow. And of course the 1945 light Christmas theme light and sound show. We then head to West Coast (Ayer Rajah Food Centre) to have our dinner since we know Satay by the Bay is crowded too.

30th November 2015: November is an end chapter to my part time job to my open chapter to my first full time job. Hope all goes well in December and yes looking forward to my December Family trip to Indonesia.

1st December 2015: I did some plain chocolate Reese Peanut butter cupcakes for my workplace and thank goodness people love them. If not, I probably wont bring any to work.

3rd December: Before I go off for my trip on the 4th to 10th December, I want to finish off some baking ingredients so I decided to make my naked muffins of Famous Blueberries and New idea of Black currants. And of course I brought them to work.

4th December 2015: Holiday time! Semarang Day One

5th December 2015: Holiday Time! Semarang Day 2

The next post of 6th December will be featured in the next post as it will be centered on my holiday trip to Indonesia to the city of SOLO. Till the next post!

22nd December 2015, 1143hrs


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