Finally the day has come, a family holiday trip to Indonesia covering quite many cities mainly Semarang, Solo & Yogyakarta. I will try to give a daily update on the trip starting with what’s going on Day 1:


Firstly our departure from Singapore is at 0900hrs on flight Silkair MI 102. The overall experience is definitely something you don’t get in Singapore often. Well at least for myself, usually in other countries but not here. We are having a remote boarding meaning we have to take a bus from the gate to the plane. Overall the 2-hour journey was good, kudos to all the service staffs at the airport and the plane. We safely arrived at Semarang Achmad Yani International Airport and it was really hot 31 degrees.


We were behind schedule in terms of what we planned today but of course when comes to holiday, it’s good to chill and relax. We don’t have to cover everything if we cannot manage.


First up is Sam Poo Kong Temple is the oldest Chinese temple in Semarang. Before this temple was built, it was a originally a lake. The Chinese Muslim Explorer Emperor Zheng made the temple. The temple shared a religion history from Muslims to Hindus and Buddhists and now became half a tourist attraction and another side a living Chinese Temple. It’s a good place for religious architecture and Instagram worthy. Admission for tourist is IDR 10000 (SGD 1 dollar ish) however we were charged as locals with only IDR 3000 (SGD 0.30 cents ish). Another entrance inside on the living temple is IDR 20000 (SGD 2 dollars ish).


Lunch stop was a rather a strip down local humbling place recommended by our driver: Pak Man’s Semarang Soto. It was surprisingly nice however kind of a small portion so I got two. The Soto is served in two choices; one with the rice and noodles and another is rice separated. Drinks wise only served lemon juice or tea. They have other things served on the table however recommended not to touch them as there are flies flying around and we don’t want a bad stomachache. Total price is IDR 100500 (SGD 11) for 9 of us 9 bowls and 3-lemon juice and 2 teas. Location: Jalan Pamularsih Raya No.32.


Next stop is Demak Great Mosque. The oldest Mosque in Indonesia built by Wali Songo. The museum was sadly closed because it’s on Friday, my mother and I went to see the tombs of the sultans. I got a chance to perform my Asar prayers in the prayer hall however couldn’t take much photos of the architecture interior. There is definitely an interesting ablution place and they even have storage for our footwear so we don’t lose it as there are people who took care of it.


Shopping time at De Kosmo Factory Outlet and Swalayan Bali, I grab a Springfield Blue Cardigan at IDR169000 (SGD 17), Neil Black Shoes at IDR 190000 (SGD 19), 4 white Playboy Singlet IDR 282000 (SGD 29) and Gucci Black Belt at IDR 175000 (SGD 18). I tried looking for jogger pants but they don’t have my size. Sigh.


Dinner was nearby at Super Penyet. This is very value for money and delicious. Total spent for 9 of us with lots of food dishes about IDR 359000 (SGD 36). I had the spicy Chicken Ayam Penyet with tahu tempe telur that cost only at IDR20500 (SGD 2.50) which you definitely cannot get in Singapore.

We missed out our Lawang Sewu trip today but probably visiting later today. And sunrise here is at 0515Hrs (Singapore: 0615hrs). Wait for updates on Day 2! 

05th December 2015, 1106



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