Q: Do I want to own a place or have the freedom to move around?

A: As for now I am living with my family so I don’t think I will be moving around; besides I am not financially stable either. Let’s say once I am financially stable and I afford to get my own place, I might and of course once I get married; it will be nice to own our own space. The need to have our own permanent house is like a security for a life investment than renting a place from time to time and move around.

The idea of the freedom to move around is definitely something to look for if you are travelling around the world or staying over at your parents place and rent out your own space for extra income.

Despite the increasing standard of living here in Singapore, I would rather work hard to earn and survive the living I have here as I was raised here in Singapore and get myself a permanent home even if the price is way up in the future than today.

24th September 2015, 2142


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