I have not been updating since lately I was rather uninspired for ideas to write about and basically as the day ends; I just felt tired to open up Microsoft Word and start typing away for my next post. As promised, at every 5 post after will be my Recap post. And there are lots to update for a month worth so I am going to split into 2 posts. This recap would be the remaining days of October 19th to 31st.

October 19: #31 was my Recap post from #26 – #30, 10th October – 18th October 2015.

October 20th: Tried Swensen’s SG50 October Dish Chili Jam Salmon. It was rather interesting but it’s not my cup of tea. It doesn’t really work for me with the sweet chili jam sauce and the Salmon. That was just my opinion.

That was also the day that things t first really work out and I was hoping it will be forever but I guess some habits of others just don’t seem to change.

October 21st: Post #32 a question about Plastic Surgery. If ask again today; it is still a NO and yes I am not Mr. Good Looking but just a SMILE to be shared on everybody’s faces is good enough for me.

October 23rd: A now favourite song till today that was released on Oct 23rd was “Hello” by Adele. This piano ballad song really brings a strong message that triggers my relationships I had from the past. Well-done Adele on another number one hit on your upcoming album.

October 24th: A conversation I had on life setbacks and the mistakes we had done that leads to consequences after. For me, those mistakes should not be regrets because those will made you up even stronger in the future and the consequences you faced aftermath would be a life lesson of how you will be able to overcome those setbacks and move forward.

I made another order of Shepherd’s Pie for a friend of mine and the results were great. She and her family loves it and I don’t know what got into me but I decided to get doughnuts for my colleagues at work since I was around the area.

October 26th: Brought my grandmother for her routine check for her dementia every 3-4 months and usually after that we will have meals somewhere else before heading home.

My first try at Potluck@IMM; food was not bad; service was rather fast for a table of 3. However for a big group dining over; I would rather have it at another location and they only except cash so don’t forget to withdraw before heading over.

October 28th: There was a destruction line when I was heading back home so trying to avoid then I make a detour to Jurong Point. I am not a fan of crowds if I am alone so I decide to buy back Four Fingers, which is not a good idea; I think dining there is best than takeout. I also had a takeout at Hee Kee Desserts since my last time I came; I would crave to try the others more. The pancakes series as usual were the best as my family enjoys it so as the Durian Puddings. Almond Bean curd is too healthy for the Black Glutinous Dessert works again for me.

October 29th: KFC for dinner over catch-up with a friend of mine. He tried the double dare zinger, which is an actual equal to two-bandito pocket? In the end, I decided to just have a zinger meal since having both bandito pockets might be too much for me.

October 30th: Away from the Sun was a post on those setback days I was going through over and over and it hits me hard down the bottom and with the situation around me doesn’t really help much but with a strong positive mind I have, those days changed to any other normal day I have.

October 31st: The Saturday of the tree days off of my niece sleepover. Mccafe and Jco Doughnuts dessert treat on my way back to work for them.

Also on that day of the crash of the Russian Airliner killing all 224 on board in somewhere in Egypt. My condolences to the families who lost their lives in the tragic accident

November 1st to November 21st to be continued on the next post #37.

21st November 2015, 1050hrs


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