Continuing from Post #36, #37 will be a recap from November 1st to November 21st.

November 1st: Welcome November; today I feel that this month from the start was all about securing that job. It’s not about the money but the experience and the career path I am heading towards and that will be in a Customer Service/Tourism line.

November 3rd: Had an interesting start of the day shoe hunting and then lunch at Settlers Café with the only best friend I have, Aisyah. We played some interesting games while catching up with what is happening with our lives.

November 4th: 1873 was a title pick up from a painting I saw at the vicinity of Clark Quay area. It really inspired me to write a piece that reflects on a past on somebody who I wished I had made a move on but in the end that chance just gone by.

Of course if you ask me right now, I wouldn’t change a thing because she is now happy and that’s what matters to me to see somebody you care for; happy.

November 6th: You know you happened to not see some of your previous friends, colleagues or classmates and then you happen to see any of them again after so long and we say the same thing over and over again “hello, how are you dong? What are you doing now?” The probability of doing a proper catch up after that over an outing and meals is pretty rare.

And I am glad I was able to reconnect with a classmate of mine who I have not met for like 5 years? The catch up was really good; there was so much to talk about from the past to the present and the future and of course I would love to have this all the time but it’s really hard for me to actually initiate an outing because my planning is really bad.

Anyway thanks Yilin for bringing me along the Singapore River from Clark Quay to Victoria Hall to the Merlion and over to Esplanade and a loop crossing the Helix Bridge over to Marina Bay Sands and end up a dinner at Paparich @ Marina Square. Definitely would find a time for another catch up over a horror movie next!

November 7th: The most interesting interview I had so far was this walk in interview for cabin crew under Singapore Airlines. It’s basically just for fun trying it out while accompanying a colleague of mine. The whole process is like a talent show. So here might be some insights for those who want to try out.

Its not even 0830hrs and there are already so many people registered and registering. I was the 172th (the 18th row). I realised that I am one out of the other person I saw wearing spectacles. Then my row of 10 itself have some of them trying out more than once. While waiting for the first round to start already made me thinking that this is not my platform but oh well whatever happens we will see.

The first round of interview is basically a 5 minutes impression, which includes introducing yourself and answering a question given by the interviewers (the 2 judges). I was the second in line after my colleague and knowing he tried before; I literally followed his structure. The question was “what was your favourite Asian Destination?” After my introduction, Bangkok just came to my mind.

Anyway as the line goes down, people seem to be more comfortable and their lengths definitely became longer but of course all of them did great as well. After the line of 10 is done, we were sent out for the interviewers to deliberate. Then after a short wait, one staff came and delivered the results whether we were through to the next round. Out of the 10 in our row. 6 got in including my colleague to the next round and I don’t know what happened next because I was out. I wished the best for the ones who got through and that’s it for me. An unforgettable experience indeed!

November 9th: I went out early for work and decided to walk to work from City Hall. It was rather nice to take a stroll while sipping avocado juice. It’s time to plan more walking outings.

November 10th: Happy Diwali/Deepavali (also known as the festival of lights) to my Hindu friends and those celbrating and a happy rest day for those who aren’t. It’s a public holiday, no plans and I am not celebrating so why not work for double pay right?

November 12th: Some train stations do actually have art referencing the vicinity of the place. So look out for these arts like I saw the Calligraphy tiles in Chinatown station.

November 13th: Happy birthday to my Aunt, Bik Yah! Thank you for everything you have done for my family and I. May you be blessed with love and care from your loved ones and never ending suprises!

I am sorry to hear the tragedy of the Paris attacks and offer my condolences to the families of the victims involved. I have to add that Terrorism needs the attention to be aware of and we have to be constantly alert on our surroundings. Also I have to comment that I believe every religion is teachings of good and my Islamic religion is one of them. Sadly, some people used the religion for the wrong reasons. So don’t blame the religion because the acts of these people are definitely not the teachings of Islam. Remember we were taught to start with Assalamualaikum, which translates to “Peace be upon you”.

November 14th: The Saturday reserved plan which result to cancellation so why not stay home and bake chocolate chip brownie like mini muffins with single coloured mnm.

November 15th: I would have to say the night of reconnecting turns into a night of nightmare. Only god knows what I am feeling that night. I wish the person well.

November 16th: Two back to back interviews on the same line Customer Service and I received positive vibes in both interviews. Whichever offer comes first; I’ll take it.

November 17th: The day of big news on the day I am not well. Alhamdulillah; I’ll take it as a stepping-stone. Furthermore when I am sick I have weird cravings like on that day create your own Burger Series by Mac. Spicy Tortilla. It was my first time but I think I rather get their normal burgers but their packaging is nice though.

November 18th: Signed and if all goes well; I’ll start on Monday 23rd November 2015. I got time off from work to settle all that new journey I am embarking and on the way I got some Zam Zam Murtabak for work and of course my brunch of Boost 5 dollars lunch offer as I have medical check at Bugis.

November 19th: Why I always fall on giving people chances that don’t appreciate and completely destroys me over and over again. The night of bad decisions caused me haunting unforgettable events obviously.

Reconnecting with some people are just benefits they are having over me. I need to understand that so I can avoid these bad events again. I still can give chances but it’s all up to you and the situation the next time round for those who constantly misuse and disrespects.

I will always forgive because that is your habit that only you can change but I need a reminder that I should not forget if it becomes a constant mistake of disrespecting me as a person. I wish the person well.

November 20th: Catching up with another friend of mine. I don’t know if it is even a catching up or we just don’t have that much to talk about anymore. Sometimes I don’t know if I ever did anything wrong because I don’t really use my phone often when I am with people on outings but really it was so intensely awkward that I have to use my phone because the other party does too. I am sorry for the lack of topics but the food at Richmond Station was great though. Just the wait was rather long. And top it off, Starbucks to end the day.

November 21st: Dangerous Game Days was actually written on the catching up on the 20th. Since the lack of topics, I just have to do something and what more inspired not based on that day though but all the people who I want to avoid completely and logical saying to not give people who done wrong things to you more than 2 chances but my heart is always there for giving people chances and I cannot seem to avoid and at the end give in. Because if I start to really not give you a chance, that is when I have closed my doors completely so don’t push it.

Later that day I met another friend to catch up over lunch and chilling with series, music videos and games from the afternoon to the evening.

I was supposed to sleep at midnight but I can’t seem to and look at the time. I really must sleep right now or else I will be a zombie at work tomorrow morning. Yawn. Goodnight officially really!

22nd November 2015, 0142hrs


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