7. Should I have plastic surgery?

This is a very simple NO unless it is for health reasons but I will never do it for personal preference.

I am not Mr good looking next door but I am happy with how I look. I see myself at an average level and my best feature I think I used to  have were my eyes but I guess I develop the sleepy eyes due to uneven sleeping timings and I do fall asleep anytime anywhere randomly if I am not on guard or have absolutely nothing to do.

I think the best feature on me with the people around me agreeing with me is my smile. Well I described myself to be smiley all the time because I am always in my best good mood. I hardly get upset or angry; I think I am just in the land of positivity from what I have been through and how I was raised. Sometimes I do get lost in my dreamland when I am alone on the way to somewhere so I do have my default lost face. So if I happen to pass by any of you, please say Hello because I have experiences where the person is right in front of me but I did not notice.

Lastly, I think a SMILE does work on everybody so let’s be happy and share your SMILES. J

21st October 2015 2020


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