Before heading for bedtime, lets do a Recap post from #26 – #30, 10th October – 18th October 2015.

10th October 2015: #26 was my latest Recap post from #21 – #26, 28th September – 9th September 2015.

#Marriage is an answer post to whether in a long run with my future lady whether a marriage or a long term commited relationship. I am an old fashioned guy and most probably I end up married.

I started up early that day breakfast at Swensens and caught a movie The Green Inferno. If you are okay with gore, this is probably an interesting show for you. A movie that stands up for a cause that turned up to be a nightmare. Hopefully we never have this type of tribe existing on this Earth.

11th October 2015: I fulfilled an order for my colleague that is my specialty signature Shepherd’s Pie and also share some to my colleagues for breakfast. All in good response thank you!

14th October 2015: The Better Life is a post on the verge of giving up until I came to realize that there is still hope until your last breath.

15th October 2015: Fun Facts Series #7: Singapore’s History

16th October 2015: Mood for experimental cookies. Well a bit of fusion on classic recipe Sugi. Chocolate and Honey Stars and of course the Honey Stars doesn’t put a kick to what I am supposed to get at the end.

17th October 2015: Fun Facts Series #8: Singapore Flag

Went to visit my aunt, she is doing well after her recovery, hope she stays that way and hope she eats more!

18th October 2015: Yesterday for a working day, it is really eventful. Work was all right as usual. The Yellow Ribbon Projecttruck was in Gardens by the Bay for that weekend to raise awareness for second chances for ex-convicts. It was also a lesson for those to give a second chance for those who done mistakes in your life. As for myself I give people around me always more than a second chances because I always hope the best in people unless you did throw your chances at me back to my face that I eventually give up. But of course in any ways, your mistakes are always forgiven and it definitely takes time to forget.

I had an impromptu Japanese Udon Noodle Soup with Radyia after work and also Korean Bingsu Dessert @ O’ma Spoon at Marina Square. We also stumbled upon an exhibition “The Best of you”. It was a movement to celebrate the accomplishments, life experiences and the people that have brought out the best in you. Basically it is as simple as saying Thank You or even a smile to acknowledge that appreciation.

To everybody out that from my loved ones to family relations to friends, colleagues, acquaintances and even strangers; Thank you for being part of my 23 years and counting chapters so far as you guys bring the best in me.

19th October 2015 2210


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