Fun Facts Series #8:


Singapore Facts:

Every flag that represents a country has a meaning behind it, even logos and brandings have a story or a symbol that represents something. * What does each component of the Singapore Flag represents?

Singapore Flag was actually made in 1959 so the flag aged at 56 years old. The interesting thing was the flag design was retained even after Singapore gained self-independence. The Singapore flag was designed with meanings that last.

The national flag of Singapore comprises two equal horizontal sections – an upper red section and a lower white section. A white crescent moon occupies the upper left red section, with five white stars arranged in a circle beside it. Each colour and symbol on the flag has a distinctive meaning and significance attached to it.

Back to the question: * What does each component of the Singapore Flag represents?


Red >>> Universal Brotherhood & the Equality of Man

White >>> Everlasting Purity & Virtue

Crescent Moon >>> A Rising Young Nation

Five Stars >>> Equality, Justice, Peace, Progress & Democracy


1.   Wikipedia – Flag of Singapore

2.   About Singapore – National Flag

3.   NLB – Singapore’s National Flag

4.   The Singapore Flag

5.   Article – What does 5 stars and a moon mean to you

17th October 2015, 1729hrs

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