Fun Facts Series #7:

Singapore History Facts:


The island of Singapore was once part of Sailendra. Legend has it that in the 13th century, a prince by the name of Sang Nila Utama went in search of a place to build a new city. Arriving on the island of Singapore, he spotted what was believed to be a particular animal and decided to name the island after it.

*What was the name he gave the island?

This is a trick question; the answer is already in the paragraph as the island is indeed Singapore but Singapore is the English version of the original name that was given by Sang Nila Utama.

Before Singapore comes about, the old name that was given to the island was “Temasek” that means “Sea Town”. Then came a prince named Sang Nila Utama who wants to build a city and when he arrived he spotted an animal, which is a lion that translates into “Singa” in malay and therefore called it “Lion City” direct translation of the given name to the island.

Back to the question:

What was the name he gave the island?

Answer: “Singapura”

Did you know that Singapore is also commonly known as “The Little Red Dot” due to a size of a dot on the map and also “Garden City” because of the trees planted everywhere.


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2.   Youtube – “How Singapore got it’s name?”

3.   Picture – 10 Legends and Myths of Singapore

15th October 2015, 2330hrs

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