I couldn’t sleep so lets do a Recap post from #21 – #25, 28th September – 9th October 2015.

28th September 2015: #21 was my latest Recap post from #16 – #20, 13th September – 27th September 2015.

29th September 2015: I fulfilled an order for my colleague a box of brownies which flavoured MnMs Semi Sweet and Dark Chocolate and thank god I get positive feedback and I also made some experimental ones Milo Overbake Hard Brownies and Underbake MnMs Dark Chocolate Digestives Base Brownies and of course the under bake ones are the favourite.

Q5 was also a post on whether I should finish my education or figure out what to do first and yes I am looking at figuring what my full time would be first before pursuing my part time degree in that figured field. After all Learning is Life Long.

30th September 2015: I had an impromptu evening dinner at Fish & Co @Clementi. Food was as usual great and service was on point 5/5. That day was also a day I get some of my unresolved issues cleared.

1st October 2015: It’s October and It’s Chicken Rice Lunch, Bird Park Outing and Hee Kee Desserts. It’s been long since I visited the Bird Park and Well its all birds. I also had an interesting moment with a particular yellow bird that I called and flew onto my shoulder and never wanted to leave till I officially slowly push it away. I was also called out to be a volunteer to participate a bird show by holding some hoop for the parrots to pass through. The ending with the desserts at Hee Kee @Jurong Point was not bad. It was my first time and for sure will be back for more

2nd October 2015: Another impromptu after work with Radyia: Dinner at Penang Culture and Movie Everest @Jems. I tried their western menu, it was not bad especially their Chili Crab and Salted Egg Sauce. Everest was breathtaking to watch in terms of the scenery and view. The storyline was motivational and heartbreaking but it’s a bit long for me that I dozed a bit at the front. Thanks Radyia for the very belated present too. It is an interesting one!

3rd October 2015: AED talk by MOE with Aisyah in the morning and yes MACS breakfast after a long time. Both of us also will be applying to try to take the challenge on educating kids with special needs like ADHD and Dyslexia. We also had our lunch first time at Curry Times by Old Chang Kee. It’s not bad too.

Over the Bridge was a post of self-confidence to take a chance on something; it’s not just for me but for some other people who might need it too. No matter what, if you give it a try, you will either succeed or learn from it so all it takes is effort.

5th October 2015: Happy birthday to my sister! And yes more good news to come in your next chapter! I also had an interview over at the company I am working for; it went well and I wish all the best for my other two colleagues who applied for it too.

6th October 2015: Another interview referred by my final year project teammate on his company. I was so sketchy whether I should take the immediate offer so I rejected it as there are no plans further if its prolonged as a part timer all the way and it wouldn’t be fair for them if I get a full time job elsewhere during that job offer I got because there is long trainings involved.

0 and 1 was my fifth random fun facts series.

7th October 2015: #Equator was a random #6 fun facts series.

8th October 2015: Haze is better and the sun is now up playing back its role.

9th October 2015: Happy birthday to my Brother in law! Do the whole day I was just resting catching up series and doing statics. I had my mood to bake but I got a bit disappointed but happy over what I found out but oh wells it’s not my time yet.

Before I head to sleep and end the post; I know my life here is just a temporary one so I should make the most of it while I can although there’s always a wish for death but that is only you done enough for the best on the life afterwards. – Nizam

10th October 2015 0048hrs


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