Recap post from #16 – #20, 13th September – 27th September 2015. It will be a little heavy on this post with the updates over a long time.

13th September 2015: #16 was my latest recap post for #11 to #15 between 1st September to 11th September.

14th September 2015: I had an impromptu evening dessert treat by Radyia at Max Brenner, Vivo City (Take note Esplanade Outlet is closed). Thanks again for the treat. We talk about all kinds of things after catching up for so long. We will be meeting up for a proper outing next Month on the 1st October 2015 to a bird park! It would be rather be an interesting one since I have not went there for 2 years and I heard the ticket is also the membership price so why not eh?

15th September 2015: I stumbled upon a rather interesting insect that broke its leg on the floor. It was struggling real badly. I can’t help much than just carrying it to a safer spot, which I probably see it dying soon because I don’t know how it is going to survive it is not me to decide the time for it to die so I pray for the best.

I caught the continuation of Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials. It was not bad although the concept of running away is still present, well at least the next one to look forward to is saving and defeating. Thank god the zombies thing is not the whole movie or else it will be like the Walking Dead, which had my brain, switch off if the story line goes in that direction.

I tried the Ebi Cereal Prawn Burger and Honeydew McFlurry for the first time, it was tasty and I love it. I am surprised to find it a little spice to it too. Would be looking forward to try the Try Your Own Burger next!

16th September 2015: #Kids is so far my favourite topic maybe because I really love kids.

17th September 2015: Meet up with the best friend Aisyah, we have our lunch meal cockles especially satisfied with other seafood choices @Al-Azhar Bukit Timah. We were looking forward to Wednesday Café but it closed every Thursday so we just hang out @Gelare for dessert and whatever not.

18th September 2015: Met my secondary school mates Eileen and Kendrick after so long catching over dinner. Let’s hope for more people to attend our next outing.

19th September 2015: #Sidewalk was a reflection on the bad choices made under pressure but I think that is when you learn to own the decision you made, deal with it and not do the same mistake hopefully.

20th September 2015: Nandos for dinner after work. New burger and wraps menu seems promising. We know your strengths in chicken but with your only beef in the menu I tried; it was not that satisfying. Let’s just stick to chicken in Nandos next time. Thanks Khair for the treat.

21st September 2015: #Falls is the fourth fun fact series post and definitely Victoria Falls is part of my bucket list to see in Africa! Not forgetting the season for moon cakes for the lantern festival coming weekend!

23rd September 2015: Had Pizzahut for breakfast. All I know the cheesy pizza Meat Galore tastes like their own beef lasagna. If you are a fan, it is worth trying!

24th September 2015: The day of Remembrance of the meaning of Sacrifice; Hari Raya Haji. It was also an opportunity for close families to gather; muslims to perform their haj and also witnessing or participating the sacrifice of the lambs/sheeps. Condolences to the families who lost their loved ones in the stampede took place in Mecca for the Pilgrimage.

26th September 2015: Caught the Intern with my closer Secondary school mates Sankari and Vinodh with his girlfriend Nurul. It was a great movie worth catching and yes experience never gets old. We had NeneChicken@Bukit Panjang, I was so scared that their freaking hot wont be nice but it turns out great and spiciness level not bad; love it and manageable. Thanks guys for today and lets meet up soon with more of our clique hopefully!

27th September 2015: Plans were cancelled so I just stayed home and do a sketch on How to draw a waterfall step by step and of course I did my own spin on it. And there is always a message behind my sketch to share based on experience. Sketch and meaning: If you fall hard, just remember there is a meaningful message behind it.

That’s all for today and yes I bake today 3 different types of brownies; half sweet half dark with Mnms for the order; dark chocolate with Mnms and digestive base and lastly Sweet Chocolate topped with Milo. Not forgetting other foods I ate today; when I am at home; I am always munching/eating. Oh yea haze was really bad again today; hopefully it will be gone soon. – 28th September 2015 231421


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