Recap post from #11 – #15, 1st September – 11th September.

1st September: Hello #September! First day back to work @ Gardens by the bay was a refresher course. There are a lot of changes happened over a period of 2 years. It’s great to be back while waiting for a full time job opportunity.

3rd September 2015: #Volunteer was the third question from the 24 life changing questions. Basically a reflection whether I volunteer enough and I think volunteering is ongoing and there is no limit to that.

5TH September 2015: I missed my belated birthday surprise planned by family, well I wasn’t told either. However got a lunch treat on my first time @Fika; Millennia Walk Outlet. Food was great; worth it as the portions were big too. Service wise is there; 5/5.

6th September 2015: Had my dinner with family @ Siam Kitchen Lot One Outlet. It seems to be the usual place our family goes to all the time if we want to have a dinner meal. It’s good to spend time with the whole family bonding over meal and dinner. My family also looking at a holiday trip to Yogyakarta in December so there is something to look forward to and be excited for.

8th September 2015: Ouch That Hurts was a reflection inspired on how life can just wake you up and change perspectives. Rejection really caught up to you when you really strive for something but however it also helps you to either not give up or look for other options and see how things laid out after.

10th September 2015: The haze is getting really bad with the air quality smell of smoke and also cause our throats to dry and start to cough here and there. #Loop was based on a conversation; I am not afraid if people actually could read my mind as such because I really have nothing to hide. I always have been the best I could; just that I don’t really share as much. I guess if people actually know the inside out of everything that happen to me like my history pages of my life; I guess that is when whether would still want to know me.

11th September 2015: Polling day and it’s my first time. Voting is secret however the process of it; you just feel being uneasy but oh wells opposition or not; the one who got voted by their region should know how to run and make it better. It was also my alumni Polytechnic meet up on that day; having barbeque @Safra Mount Faber. It’s good to see my poly mates; despite not much came however it was a great catch up and everyone has already grown up and we are actually talking about politics/careers; well the adult stage. #Caterpillars was the third random fun facts post.

My condolence goes out to family victims of the Mecca Crane Crash. I pray things will be better soon for a smooth haji pilgrimage happening around the corner.

Lastly here is a drawing I did with the help of a tutorial from Drawcentral – how to draw a caterpillar. Not forgetting don’t ever lose hope, you never know what tomorrow brings! Have a great rest and have a great week ahead! Goodnight!


13th September 2256hrs


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