Hello September! My first day at work; it’s great to be back with changes and upgrades. Today also I had an interesting dinner @Swensens, banana chicken thingy; not that bad 2 protein in one.

Here is my Recap post from between #6 to #10 (23rd August to 31st August 2015)

23rd August 2015: Recap post for the first 5 posts. Housewarming day for my cousin’s new house. Congrats once again!

24th August 2015: My Last Day is the answer on the second question on the 24 life changing questions series by Lifehack. It is a post on what if today is my last day.

25th August 2015: No post however Hello 23. This is it I have turned 23! I have lived 22 years full of existence. Now its time to focus on my 23rd chapter, I am looking forward to more adventures and surprises of my own. A shout out to my best friend Khair for the birthday surprise “planned”. Thank you for everything and I am blessed having you as my close friend. To more birthdays to come! And not forgetting an unexpected gift from the three of Ukraine, its great you enjoyed your visit here!

27th August 2015: Never Enough was just what I am. I had my 3rd job interview and yes I was told not to waste my talent and I should be doing what I want to do and pursue it and do not let setbacks stop that from you which I kind of agree so I applied my job position back in one of my previous jobs @Gardens by the Bay and will be starting in September. That is where I should start in the first place and maybe even pursuing in Tourism/Hospitality line since interaction with people is what I enjoy most.

28th August 2015: Signed my contract and ready to work on the 1st September. Meanwhile, thank you to another best friend Aisyah for the day of salad buffet and meal @Swensens NOT forgetting the balloon and interesting gifts! We had also had interesting topics to talk about and yes as long as you’re happy, that’s great to know! J

29th August 2015: Japanese Cuisine for me that day. Hei Sushi is not bad if you’re looking at an established halal Japanese food in Singapore. And all the stocks for teacher’s day celebration gifts are out!

30th August 2015: Fun Facts Series #2 is all about the arts. The Painting of Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci has so many stories and assumptions for such a portrait. Besides that it is the most recognizable art painting anybody will somehow know even if you are not an artsy person.

31st August 2015: Caught Inside Out today. Movie was great; it’s really something I can relate too on pushing feelings away and making things always seem happy. I guess it is okay to acknowledge my other feelings in my head and heart. I ended my day with a sketch/doodle on #Vanilla. No story behind it, maybe it is just nerves before I started working again.

1st September 2015 2344


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