Let’s do a recap for every 5 posts!

18th August 2015: Life Changing Questions was my opening post for the blog as I think these questions make me think further for myself. In five years was the post on the first question, basically a rough plan of what I should do asap, not really a 5 year plan at all. My condolences also goes out to the lost of lives of two tragedies Bangkok Blast as well as the crash of the Indonesian Trigana Airline.

19th August 2015: Lose-r was a poetry inspired post to motivate others to not give up on life no matter how much struggles or bad situations you were thrown at because once you decide to take your own life, there is no going back to being alive unless miracles happen. *if any content related to anyone is not intended at all

20th August 2015: Elephant Trunks was the first fun fact series. I was watching Nat Geo Wild and I came across a documentary on Elephants and what a fun fact feature to tackle on its’ trunks.

21st August 2015: 233/365 was a follow up on the fun facts of a doodle I did and an inspired random quote on the elephant trunk on about life.

22nd August 2015: I went for a housewarming at my cousin’s place at the Rainforest condominium. It’s not bad for a second floor and a 4/5 room for 2 lovebirds. Congrats on your new home and make babies soon cousin & wifey! 🙂

23rd August 2015 0107


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