Hello! My blog is a mixture of random things, firstly answering life-changing questions to inspired poetry. I will also make an effort to add a section where I can actually learn something new so this is where the fun facts series comes along and why not share it?

Fun Fact #1:

How many litres of water can an elephant hold on its trunk?


Elephants are adorable. They are also smart creatures, which brought me back in March on my Bali trip when I went to the Bali Zoo; There was this elephant show that raised the awareness of deforestation and yes the elephants did make great actors for an awesome play. Aside from the elephant show, there are other shows and animal exhibits worth visiting. Despite the costly ticket, it is worth if you attend the 2pm show at the Bali theatre.

4(1) One very noticeable feature that is very prominent in elephants are its’ trunks. It is the most versatile tool a designer/engineer could relate to because of its’ capacity to be a nose, a helping hand, a hose and even their voice.

*Look at it’s long trunk, picture was taken in Krabi Thailand back in June while my cousin and I were engaging on an elephant trekking. Isn’t she beautiful?

Back to the question, how many litres can an elephant hold in its trunk?

Answer: An elephant’s trunk can hold up to 2.5 gallons of water which is almost 10litres.

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